Based on real needs and real experiences, Residus was founded by Elin Mohlander in 2016 with a vision to change the fashion industry. She was later the same year joined by Evalena Jonsson. The idea is to create essential and long-lasting pieces in leftover fabrics, to move away from the quick trends, and to create a sustainable and circular movement. The first drop landed in stores in April 2017, and presents 20 feminine and functional dresses with a sophisticated design.

“The dress is the category that consumers always ask for, no matter the season or occasion. Throughout our years in the fashion industry, dresses have always been the most on demand category, yet there never seems to be enough products out there”

With the realization that a lot of waste of fabrics is disposed, and with a passionate interest for circular fashion, sustainability, and a strong will to make a change, the company set into motion in early 2016. The most part of the collections are based on left over fabrics and the dresses are produced in various qualities with limited edition. For the garments that we produce in new fabrics we work with a GOTS factory in Portugal that is striving to work sustainable in all possible ways they can with only good materials. It’s season-less garments that will work from day to night, and night to day, for women of different occasions, body types and ages.

Modern life is busy, challenging, exciting. Residus wants to embrace it with passion and respect. We value equality, responsibility and open minds. We cherish quality in everything we do – with substance and truth, we believe that there should be a purpose for every piece we make.


We source leftover fabrics from factories and other fashion labels directly. By doing so we reduce the amount of water it takes to manufacture the fabric. 
Manufacturing textiles is extremely water intensive. After the water is used in the manufacturing process, this often-polluted water is then sent back to our rivers, lakes and oceans. The World Bank estimates almost 20% of global industrial water pollution comes from the treatment and dyeing of textiles.

We always try to source locally first. We seek to work with those using eco-friendly manufacturing processes and practice fair and safe labor.
We aim to live up to all terms of environmental performance, accountability and transparency.

We are on our way to become a complete sustainable company but we are not there yet, although, we need to start somewhere!


Use this hashtag if you are in the beginning of your journey and want to make change. The road is tough and you will hit a few speed bumps along the way. It’s just important to never give up and to overcome your obstacles.